About SiSK

Symposium of Chemistry Students (SiSK, hrv. Simpozij studenata kemičara) is a project of the Student Section of the Croatian Chemical Society (SSHKD, hrv. Studentska sekcija Hrvatskog kemijskog društva), devoted to spirit of unity and scientific passion. This student initiative, under the motto "students for students," has become a traditional event that has been bringing together young researchers at the Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science, University of Zagreb since 2014.

This year's edition, the 9th Symposium of Chemistry Students, will be marked as the first two-day gathering, thus providing a greater number of students with the opportunity to share their scientific research achievements through oral presentations or poster communications. In addition to being an opportunity for exchanging research experiences among students, this Symposium also fosters informal networking among participants, providing space for discussions and new friendships.

The main goal of the Symposium of Chemistry Students has always been to connect young chemistry enthusiasts from all over Croatia and abroad. This year, inspired by the need of the wider community, the official languages will be Croatian and English, and written content will be available only in English. This expansion of language boundaries will allow for greater diversity of participants and make the Symposium even more accessible to a wider audience.

At the heart of the organization are exclusively students. This year, the organizational team has expanded by involving students from the Faculty of Chemical Engineering and Technology in Zagreb and the Faculty of Sciences in Novi Sad. The aim is to bring together young people from different faculties and fields of interest and to encourage collaboration among future chemists.

The Symposium of Chemistry Students is not just an academic platform; it is an opportunity to forge new connections, share ideas, and foster collaboration among young scientists. Come and be a part of this inspirational community that shapes the future of chemical research and innovation.

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